9ct yellow gold 35mm cultured pearl rose Andralok stud earrings / Gift box A5XrJ

9ct yellow gold 3.5mm cultured pearl rose Andralok stud earrings / Gift box A5XrJ
9ct yellow gold 3.5mm cultured pearl rose Andralok stud earrings / Gift box
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Jun 28, 2018

Chief Executive Officer of Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) Sean Rooney said today’s release of the Government’s Aged Care Subsidies and Supplements Rates for the coming financial year shows the Turnbull Government is oblivious to the true cost of providing care...

Nomination Classic 330302/01 Sterling Silver 925 Bead HfgZ5L

Jun 25, 2018

Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) supports the New South Wales (NSW) Government’s efforts to safeguard the rights of retirement village residents. The NSW Government has supported the findings and 17 recommendations in the Greiner Review Report that aim to improve...

TENYE Womens Austrian Crystal Party Elegant Butterfly Insect Animal Brooch CkI68Vdrq

Jun 22, 2018

Public comment is being sought on the draft version of a new national Retirement Living Code of Conduct which all retirement community owners and operators will be encouraged to sign up to as part of their commitment to delivering great experiences for senior...

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Jun 21, 2018

Chief Executive Officer of Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) Sean Rooney said the latest (March, 2018) report by industry analyst Stewart Brown released this week shows the financial situation for residential aged care facilities is continuing to deteriorate...

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Jun 15, 2018

Last night, the winner and runners up of the LASA Retirement Village Manager of the Year Award were announced at the Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) National Integrated Seniors Housing Conference 2018 on the Gold Coast The winner of the LASA Retirement Village...

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Jun 14, 2018

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January 21, 2018 | Laura Berlinsky-Schine in Academics , Choosing Classes
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Junior year is the most important year of high school in the college admissions process. While admissions committees will consider every year of high school, including senior year, junior year is the one they will generally scrutinize the most.

That means you’ll need to work particularly hard and take plenty of high-level classes that complement your interests this year. You’ll likely face new challenges and experience, so it’s important to prepare yourself and ensure you can handle everything on your plate.

Be strategic in choosing classes for this year. Since this is such an important year for your transcript and college admissions, you want to prove that you’re able to handle a demanding curriculum. Read on for our advice on how to achieve a balanced but still challenging curriculum.

Because this year is so important, you’ll want to include Advanced Placement classes to demonstrate that you’re up to meeting the demands of a college-level curriculum. You may have taken AP classes or exams in the past, but you’ll probably take a good handful this year. Briefly, APs are year-long advanced courses that are intended to match a one-semester, usually introductory college course. After taking or self-studying the course, you’ll take the corresponding exam and receive a numerical score from 1-5, five being the highest. If you score well, you may be able to receive college credit, depending on your college’s policy. For an overview of AP courses, read What Is an Advanced Placement (AP) Class? .

Many colleges accept credit for some AP classes but not others. Still, if a certain class on your list doesn’t grant credit for, say, AP U.S. History, it’s still a good idea to take that course and exam if history is a strong subject for you, because it shows that you are willing to challenge yourself.

If you’re deciding between APs that are of equal interest to you, it’s worth taking into account how colleges view the distinctions between and rigor of the curricula. Learn more in Are All APs Created Equal in Admissions? .

If your high school doesn’t offer certain or any AP classes, there are some alternatives. For example, you might self-study a test, start a program at your school, or take college classes. Check out What if My School Doesn’t Offer AP or IB Courses? for more tips.

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Reeko debuts on Avian. In recent years, the Spanish producer’s name has become synonymous with exquisitely produced, hyper-functional Techno variants. Releases via Pole Group and Planet Rhythm as well as the artist’s own Mental Disorder outlet have seen Juan Rico develop a distinctive sound that places elements of Noise Ambient within a contemporary Techno framework - harnessing a dense, abrasive energy without compromising groove. Layers of ethereal pads, filtered noise and feedback FX are compounded into a tight, mono space, pushing back on powerful, propulsive low end - making for a decidedly heady listening experience. On La Mala Educación, Reeko continues in this vein - though the work leans more towards the noisier, more industrial end of previous output. Across six tracks, the Spanish producer showcases a bipartite approach to form, as punishing dance-floor cuts Desfile Funebre de Rosas and Habitación 877 coalesce with more experimental, atmospheric recordings. Engendrado features a single warping sequence, pitching and bending over the course of it’s four minute run time, while opener Carne y Demonio begins life as a shimmering, wide angle Ambient piece - before sinking deep into high-energy ... abstraction with a single feedback-heavy polyrhythm driving the work along its course. The finish on the material is harsh, and sounds meld together with considerable drama - but Reeko’s real skill lies in the binding elements, the steely drones and machine hiss that hold the music together with considerable poise. Whilst La Mala Educación explores disparate expressions within the genre - the same mediative pulse runs throughout the EP, and this sense of cohesion combined with the admirable technical skill on display paints a picture of a producer in full control of his art. more
released November 27, 2017 Written and Produced by Juan Rico Mastered by Neel at EnissLab Mastering, Rome Photography by Ana Alex Tabatadze
all rights reserved


experimental Berlin

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Avian Berlin, Germany

Dwell In Motion
Jun 2018
La mala educación
Nov 2017
Joma Jewellery A Little Fairy Dust Bracelet Adults HgfAoB7
Sep 2017
Cave Walls (Part One)
Jul 2017
Avalaya Purple Shell Necklace In Silver Plating 40cm Length/3cm Extension 7TIz4bqo

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by MUCHMORE Awesome Style Polki Indian Gold Tone Earrings Wedding Wear Jewellery lvy6SSoaY

England is poised on the brink of civil war in 1455. Former soldier Simon Roseblood, a sworn Lancastrian supporter, faces growing threats to his position and businesses – and a fanatical group seeking revenge for a massacre in which he had no part.

1455 and England is on the brink of civil war. King Henry VI, a reclusive and pious man, but epileptic, is clearly unfit to rule and only kept on the throne by his energetic wife Margaret of Anjou and her supporters – a noble faction gathered around the de la Pole and Beaufort families. Gathering strength is another descendant of the great Edward III – Richard, Duke of York. Five years earlier London had burnt at the hands of the ‘Captain of Kent’, Jack Cade, an Irish killer who had fought for the French in the final disastrous battles of the decades-long war. Now, glutted by returning defeated English soldiers and ragged mercenaries from all over Europe seeking employment with either the House of Lancaster or that of York, the country is in bloody turmoil – and life is cheap. Simon Roseblood made his fortune in the war in France and is now a successful vintner, an alderman of London – and the gang master for a collection of thieves, whores, desperadoes, smugglers and beggars who surround his Thames-side home and owe him both their allegiance and their lives. A loyal supporter of Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, he and his family come under increasing pressure from the plotting of Yorkist supporters envious of his power and standing and a direct threat from Richard of York’s battle-hardened clerk Amadeus Sevigny. But there is another and even more deadly threat from a fanatical band of survivors from a French village, which was the scene of a massacre, who have allied themselves to the Yorkist cause to serve their country – and exact revenge. Paul Doherty, in his many guises, is one of the most prolific thriller writer around with more than a hundred titles to his credit. Prolific though he is, he has never allowed quantity to compromise quality and his encyclopaedic research and knowledge of widely divergent periods of history means his books, which cover many centuries, never disappoint. The story is woven around fact and the intrigue, deception, cruelty and carnage happened, even if many characters and their actions and interactions are figments of Doherty’s imagination. Spies, double agents, secrets, betrayal, love, violence, horrible deaths, madness and betrayed trusts tease the reader and it is rarely obvious who is trustworthy, who will meet a brutal end through poison or assassin’s knife for some grudge that is yet to be fully revealed. Doherty takes his readers at an unremitting pace deep into this world of squalor, stench and death, intricate plots and the vibrancy and colour of 15th century England. His greatest talent is to make history hugely entertaining on the back of a good story. Think the hugely popular TV series A Game Of Thrones, then meld it with what you know of the real-life War of the Roses. There’s only one winner – and it’s not on the box!

Reviewed 24January2015 by John Cleal


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